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Transportation Benefit

These are the AT&T CarePlus covered procedures and services effective January 1, 2022. Prior approval is required, please contact CarePlus customer care at 1-877-261-3340.

Experimental CarePlus provides coverage for travel expenses for the patient if they are reasonable expenses incurred in the course of travel (for example, airline tickets, rental car, cabs, hotel, meals and laundry/dry cleaning).

The following allowances apply:

  • Professional air ambulance transportation for the patient to the facility is covered where an approved covered procedure or service occurs when it is deemed to be necessary by the Benefits Administrator.
  • $10,000 travel allowance is available for a companion(s) to accompany the patient to a facility for an approved covered procedure or service, if the companion lives at least 50 miles from the facility where the covered procedure or service occurs.

Designated Emergency Covered Procedures are covered, including but not limited to:

  • Artificial heart procedures
  • The Mini-VAD, 2nd Generation VAD
  • NeuroFlow™ dual balloon catheter
  • The Merci retriever procedure

These services may be approved retrospectively.

Notification is required within three business days of being performed. Failure to provide timely notification will result in a $500 reduction in the benefits that would otherwise be payable.