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Proteus Hepatitis C Adherence Pill

Edible device that monitors and encourages medication adherence in patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C. This device consists of a sensor worn on the torso and an ingestible sensor attached to the medication that the patient is taking. The sensor, which is the size of a grain of sand, transmits a signal when the medication reaches the stomach and then passes naturally through the digestive system. The information on the sensor then transmits the medication adherence to a connected device, like a smart phone. The utilization data is shared with the Physician in real time. To be eligible, the patient must provide proof of Base Medical Program denial. Prior authorization and a Physician’s diagnosis of Hepatitis C are required. The Physician must also determine that the patient is at risk for non-adherence to medication requirements, commit to track and document adherence, and contact the patient if any doses are missed.